#incognito - image by Shanaz Gulzar
‘Clishay’ and Security #incognito – image by Shanaz Gulzar

6 outrageous performers causing a kerfuffle on your high street…

Originally commissioned for Bradford Festival 2014 and having made a sensational appearance at DNweekeND Doncaster 2015, #incognito is available for touring festivals and events

3 Superstar Divas are visiting #incognito

But they are so fabulous, so much larger than life, so staggeringly attired that they are very conspicuous.

‘Abnorma Jean’ is the celluloid superstar, dragged backwards through movie history.  ‘Barbara Blah Blah’ is the literary goddess, dispensing off-colour advice wherever she goes.  ‘Clishay Gigante’ is the biggest pop diva you’ve never seen or heard the likes of before.
They’ve brought their entire entourage: a Security Guard and a Personal Assistant – and a persistent Paparazzi photographer who is pestering them for a great shot.
They want to take in the shops or the festival and have a bite to eat together. They might enjoy the local sights or grab a drink together. They might pop in to the facilities to powder their noses.

Image by Shanaz Gulzar
Image by Shanaz Gulzar

Rumours of somebody famous #incognito will slip out via twitter.
Who’s that girl? #incognito     Is she or isn’t she? #incognito

When the public approach, at first they are politely directed away. But the Divas can’t resist an opportunity to meet their public, and they have photos and postcards which they will gladly sign for fans. They might even do an impromptu dance routine.

‘It was great. It was like the world had gone a bit wonky’ – audience member.

‘Abnorma Jean’ #incognito – by Shanaz Gulzar

Created by Irregular (Arts) and Jordan Massarella – commissioned by Bradford Council 2014.

Available for bookings please email jenny@irregulararts.com