The Odd Trilogy

We began exploring themes around gender and identity with lead artist Jenny Wilson collaborating with our associate Alison Andrews in 2014.  Together, we made An Odd Occasion, considering the space we take up, and our place in the world.

As we were developing and touring Odd Occasion we had the idea for Odd Encounter, considering love, sex and relationships, which was first made and shown in 2016.

In 2020 we begin working towards the third chapter, Odd Adventure, which is about the journeys we take, the reasons we take them, and our final destination.

Each piece has been made in dialogue with artists, academics, communities and individuals with ideas they were willing to share with us.  And each one takes the form of a kind of cabaret meets party meets discussion group.

We plan to show the three pieces together as a body of work, following an arc of birth, marriage and death, perhaps… we’re not sure, yet, but it will definitely be odd…