‘Faux’ Queens – An Odd Occasion workshop

5 brave women put themselves in my hands on a Friday night in April.  I had promised them a fun night of dressing up and discussion around ideas about gender, femininity and space – and I’d also told them I wanted to dress them up as drag queens.  ImageHaving played and performed in drag as Mysti Valentine for 7 years, dressing as a drag queen is something I now take for granted – it’s become a normal thing to do, part of my family life, mundane (sometimes even a bit boring).  I have long since forgotten any initial strangeness I felt, but I know it is an odd thing to put on so much make up and such ‘feminine’ clothing and props, yet to look and feel like a man (in drag). 

We had a laugh.  Mostly, we had fun.  There were one or two moments when these women seemed slightly uncomfortable with the version of themselves they’d created – some more than others.  But we were so busy dressing up we didn’t get much time to talk about how it felt.

Here are some pictures…

Faux Workshop Pictures on Flickr



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