Your chance to nominate someone you know for a very special thank you…

There’s No Place Like Bradford – Why?               

Because of the people who live here – and their extraordinary heart, brains and courage. And we want to celebrate as many of them as we can.

Photo by Dave Glenister

In ‘The Wizard Of Oz’ Dorothy’s friends Tin Man, Scarecrow and Lion think that they have no heart, brains or courage – but in their journey along the yellow brick road they find they each have all the love, wit and nerve they need to work together and defeat the wicked witch – they just hadn’t realised their own inner strengths.

  • Do you know someone in Bradford who has great heart, brains or courage?
  • Would you like to show them how they special they are?
  • Here is your chance…

HEART Awards are for people who’ve shown that they care about other people, issues or concerns enough to do that little bit extra making a difference to other lives, whether just one person or for a community.

BRAINS Awards are not just about doing really well in school or getting qualifications. Brains Awards are for people with great ideas, big thoughts, wisdom or vision, perhaps ideas they’ve worked at and seen through.

COURAGE Awards recognise the bravery of people who’ve faced up to a challenge, perhaps personal or professional, physical or emotional, and kept on going, even when things were tough.

Interested?  Then there are just a few short steps to celebrating your friend, family or community member.

  • NOMINATE the person you have chosen for an ECHOES OF OZ ‘Brains’, ‘Heart’ or ‘Courage’ Award and send us a brief message about it to
  • AWARD them their very special, exclusive Echoes Of Oz Award certificate as we film their delighted reaction and you show them what they mean to you (we will invite you to attend a special award filming session on July 13th, 24th or 25th in Bradford)
  • SEE THE FILM ON THE BIG SCREEN – all those people whose Awards are filmed will be celebrated in special screenings on the Bradford Big Screen in City Park Bradford at the Echoes Of Oz finale at Bradford Shine on 9th, 10th, 11th October 2015

Go ahead and show the world the heart, brains and courage of Bradford’s emerald citizens.

Small print/How To Guide…

IMG_1242Anyone can take part, and you can nominate anyone who lives and/or works in the Bradford district area (i.e. the Bradford Council district, including all areas such as Buttershaw, Wibsey, Holmewood, Shipley, Keighley, Haworth, Ilkley, etc)

To nominate someone for an Award you must have the permission of an adult – and they must be over 16 or have permission from their parent/carer to receive an Award.

You and the person you nominate for an Award must be available on morning of Mon 13th July, daytime Fri 24th July or morning Sat 25th July to come to a city centre location to be filmed giving/receiving your Award.

Email your contact details and we will confirm your attendance at the Awards filming.

If you prefer you make and send us your own DIY film (30 seconds to 1 minute maximum length – see instructions below) to nominate your Awardee.  If you don’t have a video phone and a Facebook account, please email and we’ll try to help


After we have received your nomination we will contact you to confirm your slot in the Award filming.

The Award will be a limited edition certificate for your Awardee, and both of you can have one of our exclusive ‘Emerald Citizen’ badges for taking part.

This film, together with the film you have submitted, may be used in our ‘Heart, Brains and Courage Award film’ to be screened in October at the Echoes Of Oz finale on Bradford’s Big Screen.  After that, the finished film will be publicly available on Youtube and via our website.

If we are over-subscribed, Irregular Arts’ Directors Jenny Wilson and Shanaz Gulzar will select successful applicants (although we will aim to accept as many as we can, we may have to limit numbers for practical reasons – we will select based on the spread of Awards i.e. Heart, Brains, or Courage and how compelling your nomination is – so tell us why your Awardee is so special!)

CLOSING DATE for Award nominations filming: 20th July 2015

DIY Video instructions

1: Please go to your phone video app and set it to the front camera (‘selfie’ position)

2: Please make sure you are in a well-lit room or outdoor space

3: Please ensure that there isn’t too much background noise when you are recording, as your voice will be drowned out.  So no busy road, bar, school playground, park etc

4: Please hold your phone vertical, not at an angle or pointing down at yourself.

5: Please make sure you press the record button, count to 2 then start your recording.  This will make the editing easier for us

6: Please look directly at your phone camera when recording

7: Tell us your name, who you are nominating and why

8: When you are finished and you are happy with the quality of your video, please send it to us via FACEBOOK – you’ll need to ‘Like’ our page first: