Miss Inform

Miss Inform presents intriguing stories about a place.  She is a shape-shifter, a time-traveller, and an outrage.  She is a pleasant and fun surprise in a world full of post-truth and alternative facts.

In summer 2016 Miss Inform invaded Blackpool, with a specially commissioned tour of South Beach.  See a promo film for that HERE.

In 2017 Miss Inform toured summer festivals and residencies, and developed an expanded programme with a Miss Inform-ation Stall and a whole gang of ‘Miss Inform-ants’ with Alt-Facts.  HERE is a film showing Miss Inform at Saltaire Festival 2017, including participation from women’s groups.

Appearances and dates for 2017* included:

  • Bradford Science Festival 14th July
  • Blackpool Carnival 23rd July
  • Saltaire Festival 16-17th September
  • Tropicana, Weston super Mare 30th September
  • WOW Bradford 17-19 November

Miss Inform is now available for booking, along with the Miss Information Point, for festivals, events, locations and venues anywhere. Email jenny@irregulararts.com to find out more

Miss Inform from Bagshaw Museum Show and Tell residency 2015 – photos by Lizzie Coombes

Based on half-truths, gleaned from the stories, facts and urban myths she gathers from the people in that place, she invites visitors to hear her ‘true facts’ – outlandish misinterpretations that leave the people that hear them hungry to find out what is true and what is fiction.

At Bagshaw Museum she explained to visitors why the Egyptians really built pyramids (they ran out of lego) and told the story of Lady Gaga’s debut performance at the Batley Variety Club in 1968 – giving visitors a badge each with the words ‘I’ve been Miss Inform-ed at Bagshaw Museum’.

Suitable for all ages.

webDSC_1587-2 South Beach Blackpool

*2017 touring dates and residencies thanks to funding from the National Lottery via Arts Council England Grants for the Arts.